About us


The true
Italian taste

Antico Gusto was born from the idea of a group of young Italians with a passion for the real cuisine of the “bel paese” meaning “beautiful country”. Young adults born and raised in Italy, in the midst of nature, in the countryside, and, who have in common the culinary traditions inherited from their grandparents- real and humble people, with noble souls- devoted to manual work.

Antico Gusto represents that mountain air, that salty breeze that characterizes the entire Italian peninsula known all over the world. Authentic products and recipes that end up on your table delighting the most refined palates.

Antico Gusto Jam

Our Production

As ancient Italian traditions tell, production is exclusively handmade, choosing natural products personally picked in local farms and producing each order individually without the use of machinery, delivering the product fresh and ready to eat.

There are no preservatives, no additives, no added flavour enhancers, but only real, natural, authentic Italian flavours.

Antico Gusto

Our mission

Our mission is to enclose the flavour of our home in your hands; to bring a true, old-fashioned Italian taste directly into the hands of all those who love good, old tricolore cuisine where preserves, sauces, oil preserves, but also just water and flour make a difference on every occasion